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Peter Drane
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Ben Coles

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Norm Cook



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Andrew Drane
Monday, 08 March 2004

Looking forward to the Pup Cup!

cliff deane
Tuesday, 30 December 2003

hello from gosford diggers r.s.l. swimming see you all in cobar 2004 club

Tuesday, 04 November 2003

Nelsons' Bay trip didn't do much for BIG NORM I happen to see him when he got home. Drank that much he looked like a BIG SCHOONER GLASS.

Alan Kennedy
[email protected]
Thursday, 31 October 2002

a bit of plagiaristic prose of Malabar's dream weekend

The Aquaholics Shield A call came from further out, that land of heat and drought, that the Aquaholics Shield had got away and it had joined the wild bush swimmers, it was worth a thousand rounds.

so we packed our bags, and packed the car, and off to Forbes we went.

and now beyond the western range, where sunset skies are red, and clouds of dust and clouds of thirst go drifting overhead.

to somewhere up the country, in a land of rock and scrub, where the have an institution called the Forbes Swimming Club.

the weekend was a blur, and schooners come and went.

and then i woke, and for a space all nerveless did i seem for i have swum many a race but never one at such a pace as in that fearful dream.

and in my hands was the shield, spoils from a great event.

Ben Drane
Tuesday, 22 October 2002

Look after my dad and andrew at the 5-way swim. Make sure they get home safe......

Colin Duncan - Gosford Diggers
[email protected]
Friday, 11 October 2002

See you in Forbes 2002

Thursday, 03 October 2002

gday Andy Drane as always the 5 way will be huge. looking forward to your company and many ales with the regular crew from all 5 venues

paul nixon Gosford diggers
[email protected]
Sunday, 29 September 2002

great site great photos look forward to the end of october

Greg Hanns
Thursday, 08 November 2001

Great sight! but a very dangerous sport according to Norm Cook.

Luke Wiggins
[email protected]
Wednesday, 07 November 2001

had a ball I will definately be back for another crack next year.

Angela Robbins
[email protected]
Friday, 02 November 2001

Just wanted to forward some luck for andy, I know he's gonna need it. 'Cause although he drinks like a fish... I doubt very much that he'll be able to swim like one!!!! Good luck!!

dood coles
[email protected]
Tuesday, 30 October 2001

sorry can't go this year don't drink to much diggers

Monday, 29 October 2001


Lara Cook
[email protected]
Monday, 29 October 2001

As the female contingent of the Cook family I cant wait until this swimming club becomes a bit more liberated and can enjoy the company of the women on these so called swimming trips. I know how much Jude, Chris and Narelle have always wanted to be part of these trips and spend a bit of time bonding with their partners at the TAB or by the side of the pool. GOOD LUCK AND NO DRINKING BEFORE SWIMMING!!

Monday, 29 October 2001

Water will fly, reputations will grow Full strength beer will flow and flow All other teams, prepare for the pain In the form of 'the man' - Geoff Drane

The Thorpedo's a.k.a the scrawn and the fatboy
Friday, 26 October 2001

the water will part like a hot knife through butter when these two fine specimeens hit the water on Sunday morning.

Glen Giddings
Friday, 26 October 2001

If you guys have got the John Laws seal of approval then you must be good. I will have to come for a beer and watch the best of the best.

Margie and Gordon
Thursday, 25 October 2001

Good luck in the pool on Sunday I am sure with your combined talent you will blitz them . Have a great weekend I can't wait to hear the stories.

John Laws
[email protected]
Wednesday, 24 October 2001
I have personally seen these guys swim and I have to tell you, they are classy athletes!

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