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Art Gallery - Andrew Hull

Bourke based visual artist Andrew Hull works in a range of media and exhibits regularly in local exhibitions. Browse through a sample of Hully's work using the gallery viewer below:

Go to Andrew Hull's photography gallery

Andrew is a part time writer of poetry, prose and song, a part time artist, part time photographer, and full time husband and father.

Based in Bourke in Western NSW Andrew is active in the local arts community. He is the president of the local Arts Council as well as board member for the Regional Arts body ‘Outback Arts’.

As a writer he has pieces published in the Outback Magazine and Sydney Morning Herald as well as numerous local publications. As a poet his poems have featured in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, numerous independent and local publications, and regularly on ABC local and National radio. He has been described by contemporaries as 'The modern bard of Bourke' (Ian Connellan) and 'The keeper of Lawson's secret', (Neil Murray) and has performed at major folk festivals across Australia. His songs have featured on ABC local and National radio as well as numerous commercial stations and he has toured and performed with various accomplices……he is a very bad musician.

He works continually as a visual artist in a range of media and exhibits regularly in local exhibitions. As a photographer his images have graced the pages of numerous publications including the Outback magazine and the Daily Telegraph as well as several Arts and government publications, brochures and media.

Visit Andrew Hull's website HullyJoe.com for more information