THE RE-MAINS have just finished recording their long awaited second album, THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING COUNTRY ROCK AND ROLL. They recorded this benchmark in indie-country at Anglewood Studios in Currabubula, just outside of Tamworth, with legendary Gold Guitar winning producer FLASH SHEEDY (Johnny Greens Blues Cowboys). They laid down 14 tracks of pure Country R&R, and should available soon, so keep checking up on The Remains web site for more info.


Review of "Thank You For Supporting Country Rock 'n Roll"
published in the "Weekend Australian" July 19th, 2003.

Thank You For Supporting Country Rock'n'Roll
The Re-mains
Croxton Records

" For a lot of people country music means not being afraid to admit you own a few Emmylou Harris albums, have a penchant for gingham and get a sort of misty twinkle in the eye at the sound of a whining pedal steel guitar. From the depths of Johnny Green country in northern NSW, the Re-mains respectfully point out that's for pussies. On Thank You For Supporting Country Rock'n Roll, the term alt. country completely fails to sum up this hour of grubby country rock, country hip-hop and country thrash. You can almost smell the stale VB on the empty schooner glasses as the Re-mains successfully present their argument for banjo as rock pig instrument of choice. Trying to describe Folk Singer Blues is like trying to picture Doc Watson turning his hand to hip-hop and Hot Blood has enough swagger and strut to sound like something off Sticky Fingers - maybe banjo is what was missing from the last stones album. Wilco and Uncle Tupelo fans will require very little convincing"

by Tom Jellet

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